Enhance the Living Experience for Vinhomes Residents

ViVi Virtual Assistant is an Artificial Intelligence Application Product developed by VinBigData, which has outstanding advantages in language processing with the ability to accurately recognize Vietnamese up to 98% (common word group). Built on tens of thousands of hours of high-quality data, applying many new technologies such as Intent Classification, Sentiment Analysis, User Recommendations,... ViVi can be applied flexibly in the ecosystem of solutions in Cars, Smart Speakers, BFSI, and most recently, Smart Homes.

Khách hàng Vinhomes
Ngành Real Estate
Sản phẩm/dịch vụ ViVi
Năm triển khai 2022
Project Description

ViVi Virtual Assistant is one of the products applying Speech To Text (STT), belonging to the ecosystem of VinBigdata products. Possessing an outstanding advantage in native languages, with the ability to recognize Vietnamese language with 98% accuracy (common word group) and the ability to self-study to understand user needs, ViVi Virtual Assistant is a breakthrough step in the journey to bring voice technology closer to Vietnamese people’s lives.

Following the success of the VinFast Virtual Assistant on the VF e34 – Vietnamese’s very FIRST electric car, VinBigData continues to launch the Vinhomes Virtual Assistant on the ViVi Virtual Assistant Platform. This is the first time that the Virtual Assistant feature is integrated into the application for residents and the public, in order to enhance the privileged experience for Vinhomes customers. Starting from the goal of building a smart and livable urban area, Vinhomes Virtual Assistant is expected to bring residents privileged and classy utility service experiences, improving their quality of life. The product is currently being integrated into the Vinhomes Resident Application and on the Vinhomes Online E-commerce Platform.

On the Vinhomes Resident Application, the Virtual Assistant acts as a “Smart Butler”, assisting residents to quickly access information with a series of feature groups, including:

  • Book/Cancel the Use of Public Utilities
  • Invoice Lookup
  • Check the Weather
  • Read the News on the Resident Bulletin
  • Customer Complaints
  • Internal Services
  • Request about Schedule,…

For customers who are buying products on the Vinhomes Online E-commerce Platform, the Virtual Assistant acts as a “Professional Consultant”, helping to look up real estate transaction information quickly and accurately.

Application Technology
Speech to Text (STT)
AI model converts voice to text
Text to Speech (TTS)
AI model converts text into speech
Natural Language Understanding (NLU)
The AI model extracts key information from the user's speech, helping the virtual assistant understand the context
Dialog Management (DM)
Use information from the NLU, contexts, vehicle conditions, and knowledge base to provide appropriate responses
98% Accuracy when recognizing Vietnamese
24/7 Support Vinhomes residents and customers in hands-free tasks
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