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Easy to customize, omnichannel integration helps businesses increase interaction with customers, improve competitive advantage and sales

What is Vinbase?

VinBase is a Comprehensive Cognitive Artificial Intelligence Platform that helps businesses optimize production and business activities and increase user experience. VinBase ecosystem includes products: VinBase Virtual Assistant, VinBase Chatbot, VinBase Callbot, and VinBase APIs; brings advantages of speech and natural language processing, developed based on advanced technologies: Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Text to Speech (TTS), Natural Language Processing (NLP).

VinBase meets the requirements for Vingroup's ecosystem of products and services in particular and serves the community in general in many fields such as BFSI, Retail, Health Care, Hospitality, Automotive,...

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"Có những bài toán, nếu không phải người Việt làm thì ai làm."
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On All Platforms
at Anytime from Anywhere

VinBase not only helps increase business interaction with customers, but also helps your business automate the customer care process as well as personalize services to each customer.

Our products can be integrated into different platforms, making it easy for businesses to use and manage conveniently.

Connect with Your Customers
Provide a platform to create, configure, train, and manage chatbots for business scenarios, omnichannel integration, and automate business-to-customer or internal business conversations.
Virtual Call Center Assistant
Create and manage virtual agents for businesses, create conversations with quick response speed and natural tone, optimize business and marketing activities of businesses.
Comprehensive Virtual Assistant
Applying AI, Big Data Analysis, and NLP provides a foundation to help businesses build and develop intelligent virtual assistants, supporting users to do many things. hands-free tasks via voice.

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