VinBase Chatbot

Artificial intelligence

The solution provides a platform to create and manage virtual PBXs for businesses. Applying advanced Natural Language Processing and Voice Processing technology, Vinbase AI Call center creates conversations with fast response speed and natural tone, optimizing business activities, corporate marketing.
95% Feedback automation
<0.1s Response speed
24/7 Continuous, stable operation

Support strategy building & call management

  • Automatically extract a list of customer information from an existing file or on business management systems such as CRM, Salesforce...
  • Build a call script and start a call & autoresponder campaign in under 5 minutes.
  • Smart reply, meet multi-field business scenarios, automatically redirect to the operator on demand
  • Unlimited outgoing calls: thousands of calls are made automatically according to the plan.
  • Flexible campaign configuration: call out hotline, call line number, maximum cost, callback on failure, flexible call time and time.

Natural conversation like a professional operator

  • Automatically analyze and evaluate customer emotions in the conversation. From there, use the appropriate tone and sentence of the conversation context.
  • Identify and authenticate customers when calling the call center: Confirm, remember customer information and create completely personalized experiences.
  • Virtually no keys are used, consulting through chat like a natural conversation.

Easy management with detailed real-time reporting

  • Real-time detailed reporting and analysis: continuous, automatic updates
  • Full & detailed report of call status, call duration, customer information, interaction volume....
  • Provide detailed call history of each phone number
  • Evaluate effectiveness for campaign optimization

Assessment automation the quality of the operation of the switchboard

  • Enterprises can create criteria to evaluate the quality of Vinbase AI Call Center's switchboard and also its agents. From these criteria, after each call, the system automatically scores, evaluates and extracts reports. Since then, management activities become simple, flexible and convenient with optimal costs.
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VinBigdata develops AI generation technology, will soon launch ‘ChatGPT Vietnamese Version’

VinBigdata (Vingroup Group) will integrate technology to make VinBase (a Multi-Cognitive Artificial Intelligence Platform) the first Generative AI Platform in Vietnam. On August 21, 2023,…

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