VinBigdata develops AI generation technology, will soon launch ‘ChatGPT Vietnamese Version’

VinBigdata (Vingroup Group) will integrate technology to make VinBase (a Multi-Cognitive Artificial Intelligence Platform) the first Generative AI Platform in Vietnam.

On August 21, 2023, VinBigdata Joint Stock Company (Vingroup) announced that it had successfully built a Large Language Model (Vietnamese Version), laying the foundation for building Generative AI-integrated solutions.

Accordingly, VinBigdata will integrate technology to make VinBase (a comprehensive multi-cognitive artificial intelligence platform) become the first generative AI platform in Vietnam, and at the same time provide solutions for technology-based development. Generative AI technology such as Generative AI Chatbot, Callbot, or the new generation ViVi Virtual Assistant…

VinBigdata phát triển công nghệ AI tạo sinh, sẽ sớm cho ra mắt 'ChatGPT phiên bản Việt'
Prof. Vu Ha Van – Scientific Director of VinBigdata

Professor Vu Ha Van, Scientific Director of VinBigdata Company (Vingroup) shared: “In the world, there have been a number of large corporations that have successfully researched and launched products based on large language models such as OpenAI with ChatGPT or Google with Bard. In Vietnam, VinBigdata has successfully built a Large Vietnamese Language Model, focusing on solving three core problems: improving accuracy, reducing the cost of computing infrastructure to the maximum, and ensuring confidentiality.”

Currently, VinBigdata has successfully applied new technology to the VinBase KB (VinBase Knowledge Base Portal) product. The product has the ability to retrieve information and automatically generate answers based on information gathered from large data sets in the knowledge system.

As part of the roadmap to build an ecosystem of large-scale generating AI products, it is expected that by the end of December 2023, VinBigdata will officially launch two main product lines to the community. It is the VinBase 2.0 multi-awareness AI Platform with solutions serving businesses, government agencies, and ViGPT applications – “ChatGPT Vietnamese version” will be open for the community to access and test.

With ViGPT, users can ask and answer questions about specific information about Vietnam (regulations, legal documents), or local information (history, literature, scenic spots, local specialties) direction…).

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