Simplify operation in
hospitality industry with

The conversational AI platform, which integrates the most advanced technologies globally, optimizes business operations throughout the entire customer journey with intelligent virtual assistants, from market research to attracting potential customers capacity to after-service activities.
Elevate tourism development after
the pandemic
27% Reduce operating costs as customer services are automated
30% Increase customer engagement on social media platforms
20% Increase customer satisfaction index
Provide complete relaxation for your customers
The process of booking a vehicle ticket or booking a hotel room is often complicated and time-consuming. with tools that learn from booking forms and scripts available to automate these stages, and comprehensive user behavior analysis, for businesses to better understand their customers and continue to improve in the future.
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Automate customer feedback and inquiries quickly, accurately, in real time. Thereby increasing productivity and operational efficiency, especially effective for industries with large volume of requests from customers such as finance - banking - insurance.
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From the moment travelers search and book trips, has been able to assist businesses in providing them with positive and memorable experiences, through simplification and streamlining web and mobile check-in process and provides helpful information such as travel times, boarding gates and baggage claim locations. Even find a coffee shop, hotel or the nearest security checkpoint and provide notifications when flights are delayed/departure times change.
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Chatbot, virtual call center from is always ready to serve 24/7 on all mobile devices, so customers always get the help they need at any time during the trip and quickly handle traveler complaints, such as reporting or finding lost baggage, canceling or rebooking flights...
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Automate feedback, keep history of conversations, collect data and report statistics in real time, making it easier for businesses to manage and save operating costs. In particular, the platform can also provide personalized plans and offers to customers based on the use of this data source, and streamline internal operations by improving communication between employee to employee, by collecting insights from different branches, thereby increasing productivity and reducing employee turnover.
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Using technology platforms as a useful tool in promoting products and services at the right time, according to tastes, with a personalized information flow through communication through preferred channels of customer. Thereby significantly increasing the conversion rate.
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Choose to change your business

AI Chatbot Create an engaging customer experience

  • Turn everyday interactions into quick interactions with a response speed of less than 0.1s, personalized and highly informative, creating sympathy, increasing customer retention and revenue for your business.
  • Make timely, relevant, meaningful recommendations and provide instant support across 30+ popular text channels, across mobile devices, websites or phones.
  • Continuously improve the business scenario with a large-scale input database, the system is regularly upgraded by a team of leading domestic and international experts in the field of technology.

AI Call Center Drive revenue with voice campaigns

  • The platform for creating and managing virtual agents with large-scale processing capabilities, supporting up to 10,000 customers at the same time, 24/7, minimizing the operating costs.
  • Respond and converse naturally with customers with multi-regional accents with many male-female voices for businesses to choose.
  • Create great customer experiences with quick response, requests processed less than 3s.

VinBase Virtual Assistant Stimulate demand with smart virtual assistants

  • Support to perform many tasks through voice, with the ability to recognize Vietnamese with 98% accuracy.
  • Always helping customers, quickly wake-up with just 1 command and less than 0.2s delay.
  • Natural voice, flexible response thanks to the ability to use multi-regional languages ​​in Vietnam, with 4 main options: Northern male/female voice and Southern male/female voice.
Comprehensive digital conversion with
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