VinBase Virtual Assistant

Comprehensive Virtual Assistant

The platform for creating Intelligent Virtual Assistants for businesses, helping to handle multiple tasks and complex questions, with natural interaction through NLP technology
4+ Multi-Regional Voices
>98% Accurately Identify Vietnamese
30.000+ Hours of High-Quality Voice Data

Hey ViVi

  • Simple.
  • Convenient.​
  • Live every moment with just
  • a command.

Personalized User Experience

  • Automatically make suitable suggestions
  • Optional regional accent
  • Active Learning

Advanced Technology for Optimized Experience

  • Flexible customization, easy omnichannel integration
  • Instant processing speed and response, just under 1 second
  • Over 80% accurate answers for single and multi-intent questions
Comprehensive Virtual Assistant

Advanced Technology Application Voice Platform

  • Ability to adapt to users, remember habits, create your own profile
  • Helping car owners easily plan their journey and find ways to the charging/service station... only via voice

  • Create and manage plans quickly, automatically
  • Proactively give suggestions/reminders to users, when there are other factors affecting the plan

  • Smart Butler with the ability to connect and manage devices in the home
  • Friendly for the elderly, children, and people with disabilities, helping them to perform many tasks hands-free
Case Study

VinBigdata develops AI generation technology, will soon launch ‘ChatGPT Vietnamese Version’

VinBigdata (Vingroup Group) will integrate technology to make VinBase (a Multi-Cognitive Artificial Intelligence Platform) the first Generative AI Platform in Vietnam. On August 21, 2023,…

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Comprehensive digital conversion with
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