Automate dialogue to

10+ voice channels

enhance customer experience, increase interaction and improve customer relationship with tools that automate consultation and answer questions through a variety of voice channels.

Optimal source and revenue with new technology

0s Absolutely no delay
98% Identification accuracy in Vietnamese
4+ Friendly voices

Together with to create your own brand voice

Natural conversation, equivalent to real people

Speech recognition and processing technology enables fast, accurate, human-like conversations in multi-regional languages ​​in Vietnam, with nuances and emotions for many other use cases. With a data source of 10,000 hours of Vietnamese voice, provides voice solutions with market-leading technology, accurate recognition up to 98%, and equipped with algorithm to automatically forwarded to consultants on request.

Continuous self-study and improvement

Conversational AI platform is fully tested with a variety of sample scenarios, always ready to be integrated to serve businesses. Fast, accurate transcription from thousands of conversations helps businesses visualize the body of customers, providing useful insights to change business strategies. At the same time, from the collected data, the system is continuously improved and upgraded to best match the habits of customers and products of the business.

Comprehensive business support across the entire customer journey

Voice platform provides call centers/consultants, from pre-purchase access through product introduction calls, appointment booking...; take care of purchase with order confirmation calls, payment due reminders, terms notices, bank transfer confirmations, suspicious account activity, account verification,..; to after-sales activities such as evaluation calls, post-purchase surveys... The entire process of planning, implementing and tracking campaign metrics is completely self-assimilated.

Set up 1 rollout across your entire channel
Easy access to customers on favorite voice channels
Cisco's callbot solution allows easy deployment and integration with Cisco Contact Center with high security, stable quality, easy cross-platform integration.
Automate the creation of call campaigns and deliver a truly omnichannel experience to your customers on a global communications app.
Google Assistant
The comprehensive platform with the advantage of multi-regional Vietnamese voice is integrated with the famous Google virtual assistant, bringing "hands-free" and exciting moments to your customers.
Combined with the powerful platform from Microsoft - Azure, create tools to help businesses overcome business challenges with advanced cloud computing technology.
ASR Engine
Easily integrated on speech recognition platforms, optimize the experience with outstanding advantages such as word error rate (WER) below 6% and latency less than 0.2s.
TTS Engine
Combined with a text-to-speech system, with outstanding quality, equivalent to a real human voice, suitable for many different fields: Finance - Banking, Tourism - Resort, Retail, etc. ..
Business as a force for good
As a Certified B Corporation®, we commit to using business as a force for good. This is a solid milestone and only the beginning of our journey to fully deliver our vision of a sustainable, digital world where everyone can realize their full potential.
Đào Anh LâmCEO at LiamSource
Comprehensive digital conversion with
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