VinBase APIs

Platform for
implementation of core
technologies of artificial

The services provided include: Speech recognition technology (ASR), speech synthesis (TTS), natural language processing (NLP) are provided to users on the cloud computing platform.
<6% Low error rate
0.3seconds Instant feedback
>90% High precision

Speech Recognition Technology

  • Wake-up feature allows to achieve 90% accuracy.
  • Multi-domain speech recognition with up to 91% accuracy.
  • Convert/imitate voice in just 5 seconds signal.

Text-to-speech Technology

  • Control intonation, emotion in artificial reading voice.
  • Suitable for many different fields: Finance - Banking, Tourism - Resort, Retail,...
  • Multi-channel integration: On-Cloud or On-Premises

Natural Language Processing Technology

  • Convert/imitate voice in just 5 seconds of signal.
  • Voice biometrics recognizes speakers for both good quality (16k) and poor quality (tele-8k) signal sources with an average recognition quality of 92%.
  • Small installation size, less than 100Mb.
Voice interaction

Build a dedicated virtual assistant for Your Business

  • Provide customer support services (positive / negative / neutral)
  • Synthesize and evaluate the quality of the dialogue

  • - Understand customer context to provide appropriate feedback and recommendations.
  • - Multi-platform knowledge with many different topics: economics, finance, geography,...
  • - Outstanding quality, similar to the voice of a real person.

  • - Less dependence on keyword data sets.
  • - Use small size modules, cross-platform compatible.
  • - Instant, real-time responsiveness, enhancing the guest experience with customer service.
Story successful

VinBigdata develops AI generation technology, will soon launch ‘ChatGPT Vietnamese Version’

VinBigdata (Vingroup Group) will integrate technology to make VinBase (a Multi-Cognitive Artificial Intelligence Platform) the first Generative AI Platform in Vietnam. On August 21, 2023,…

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