Personalize the conversation on

10+ popular text channels

5 billion consumers are messaging on social media. Let help businesses reach them quickly and efficiently. Automate service processes to increase conversions and retain customers for powerful business growth.

Make the most of the power of the Facebook platform

100% Waiting time reduction
99% Accuracy in responses
<0.1s Fast processing speed

Let take care of your customers

Continuous request processing in real time

Automate customer responses, process inquiries & respond instantly by text and voice, working efficiently 24/7, day or night, workday, weekend or holiday. At the same time,'s tools help optimize the customer experience with personalized messages thanks to the ability to analyze context & intent, remember information and user habits.

Provide information with high accuracy

Based on a large-scale database in many fields,'s products are designed to suit a variety of business scenarios of enterprises in many industries such as finance, banking, insurance, etc. Due to its unlimited scalability, processing up to 10 000 requests at the same time with high accuracy up to 99%.

Fast response speed, less than 0.1s

Applying advanced language processing and conversation management technology, the process of receiving requests, analyzing, processing and returning responses in less than 0.1s with text channels, will help businesses bring the seamless experience to customers.

Deploy across multiple channels
Easy access to customers on their favorite channels
Facebook Messenger
Chatbot helps support customer care activities 24/7, with the ability to handle 10,000 requests at the same time, save advertising costs with an automated sales consulting tool via SMS. Evaluate potential customers, launch smart promotions and support customers through a single tool.
Set up WhatsApp messaging automation specifically for your business and deliver a truly omnichannel customer experience on the world's largest messaging app...
Automated chatbots respond to customer comments on Facebook and text specific advice to customers. Managing interactive activities is extremely easy and cost-effective.
Record and respond to customers visiting the website in real time. Optimize site performance and experience, increase customer relationships, and drive sales for your business.
Integrated on Vietnam's most popular messaging app,'s chatbot will help your business reach more potential customers, in faster time with lower cost.
A motivating force for business
As a Certified B Corporation®, we commit to using business as a force for good. This is a solid milestone and only the beginning of our journey to fully deliver our vision of a sustainable, digital world where everyone can realize their full potential.
Đào Anh LâmCEO at LiamSource
Comprehensive digital conversion with
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