Call Center

Artificial Intelligence's callbot solution allows easy deployment and integration with Cisco Call Center with high security, stable quality, easy cross-platform integration.

Make the most out of Facebook platform

2.6 billion Monthly Facebook active users
1.3 billion Facebook Messenger users
20 billion Messages exchange between businesses and users

Improve quality of
customer care

Manage customer interactions

  • Allows management to interact with customers from 10 to 400 agents
  • No callback required to meet the right support person/department.
  • Solve problems in just one call

Routing capability

  • Categorize and prioritize customer engagement sessions in the first place.
  • Automatic call forwarding.
  • Minimizing the appearance of people thereby reducing operating costs for businesses.

Monitor and manage call quality

  • Provides information about call center operations and service performance.
  • Indicators are updated in real time.
  • Record 100% of calls to improve the quality of customer care.
Build loyalty with customers to increase revenue
Increase conversion rate
Call tracking analysis will create a basis for businesses to build effective sales and marketing campaigns, satisfy more customers, thereby increasing conversion rates.
Brand enhancement
Helping businesses know the external contextual factors that have affected customer behavior and perception, thereby increasing the effectiveness of campaigns.
Increase customer experience
Through call analysis, businesses can better understand customer portraits and their attitudes towards brands, company employees, etc.
Comprehensive digital conversion with
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